Roses Will Bloom Again - CD

As Recorded By
Pastor Pam Powers Moore
CD: Roses Will Bloom Again 


I am happy to announce that my first  full-length CD, ROSES WILL BLOOM AGAIN   has been a tremendous success.  Thank you for your wonderful response to this, my first major project, and for your continued support of my music and Sweet Song Ministries.  It's all about God, and being of service to you, His people; and to know God is blessing you through the talents and gifts He has given me is truly heartwarming.  You have blessed me beyond measure, and I am truly thankful for each and every one of you.  



           ~Featuring  The Brand New Original ~
               "Two Have Died For Me"
      Copyright 2007 - Pam Powers Moore

Roses Will Bloom Again
Copyright 2007


     1.  PRELUDE:  HE KEEPS ME SINGING              

       2.  WE ARE BROKEN                                          

       3.  GREATEST OF ALL MIRACLES                    

       4.  THE LIGHTHOUSE                                             

       5.  COME BACK HOME TO GOD                         

       6.  HOLD ME WHILE I CRY                                   

       7.  ROSES WILL BLOOM AGAIN                         

       8.  REDEEMER   






     14.  ON MY KNEES

     15.  ABOVE ALL

     16.  LET HIM LEAD                                                .




Singing my favorite childhood song, "He Keeps Me Singing", was the prelude of what God had in store for my life.  It is my pleasure to share one of my original songs with you on this CD.  I wrote "Two Have Died For Me", in honor of the American Soldier, and in humble gratitude for the gift of salvation that was bought and paid for by Christ's blood on Calvary.  Our Lord and Savior is truly "Above All" powers, and it is because "Somebody's Prayin", that our brave men and women find the strength and courage to lay their lives on the line, each and every day for our freedom.  

"Two Have Died For Me" and "Somebody's Prayin'" are dedicated to the our United States Military, all who have served, and those who gave ALL for the preservation of our freedom.  ~ Until each one returns home safe and sound, let us always remember to say a prayer for our troops - air, sea, and on the ground.  


My song selection includes a variety of country gospel, southern gospel, bluegrass, contemporary, and modern praise and worship.  The song list includes:  He Keeps Me Singing, We Are Broken, Greatest of All Miracles, The Lighthouse, Come Back Home to God, Hold Me While I Cry, Roses Will Bloom Again, Redeemer, Sweet Beulah Land, Two Have Died For Me, Somebody's Prayin', Praise His Name, Peace In The Valley, On My Knees, Above All, and Let Him Lead.

Credits:    Background Vocals:  Pam Powers Moore ~ Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboard: Seth Maynard ~ Percussion:  Joel Franks

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Roses Will Bloom Again, Just Wait and See... Don't Mourn What Might Have Been... Only God Knows How and When...
Roses Will Bloom Again.