West Virginia Marriage Requirements


Marriage License Requirements in the State of West Virginia

Here's what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the West Virginia marriage laws before you apply for the West Virginia marriage liense application.

How Much a Marriage License Cost?

West Virginia law requires a couple to obtain a marriage license in order to have a legallty binding wedding ceremony. You will be required to show proof of identification and pay a license application fee. No medical examination or blood tests are required in order to obtain a license.  It will cost you $36 for a marriage license in West Virginia, if you obtain Marriage Counseling or $56 if you don't. Cash only. 

ID Requirement:

You will need to present photo identification such as your driver's license, state ID, or passport. You will also need to know your parents' full names, including your mothers' maiden names, and the states where they were born.

Residency Requirement:

You do not have to be a resident of West Virginia. However, if you are a West Virginia resident, you must apply in the county where you live, but can get married anywhere within the State that you want to. If you are an out-of-state resident applying to get married within the State of West Virginia, you can obtain your license at any county courthouse within the State.


Previous Marriages:

Most counties will require documentation to prove a previous marriage has been dissolved either through death or divorce.


Waiting Period:


Under 18:

If either of you are under 18 years of age, you must have the consent (in person) of a parent or guardian. There will be a three-day waiting period after you apply for the license. There may be special provisions for an underaged bride who is pregnant.

Name Change:

Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.



Any ordained minister who has received authorization to perform marriages in the state of West Virgina. The court in each city and county has appointed persons who are eligible to perform civil weddings.


License is valid for sixty (60) days.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage: 

For marriage records, you will need to contact the Marriage License Clerk, County Court House in there county where the license was issued.

Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plans.


West Virginia County Clerk's Offices

Barbour County Clerk
Philippi, WV
304. 457. 2232

Berkeley County Clerk
Martinsburg, WV
304. 264. 1927

Boone County Clerk
Madison, WV
304. 369. 7331

Braxton County Clerk
Sutton, WV
304. 765. 2833

Brooke County Clerk
Wellsburg, WV
304. 737. 3661

Cabell County Clerk
Huntington, WV
304. 526. 8631

Calhoun County Clerk
Grantsville, WV
304. 354. 6725

Clay County Clerk
Clay, WV
304. 587. 4259

Doddridge County Clerk
West Union, WV
304. 873. 2631

Fayette County Clerk
Fayetteville, WV
304. 574. 1200

Gilmer County Clerk
Glenville, WV
304. 462. 7641

Grant County Clerk
Petersburg, WV
304. 257. 4550

Greenbrier County Clerk
Lewisburg, WV
304. 647. 6602

Hampshire County Clerk
Romney, WV
304. 822. 5112

Hancock County Clerk
New Cumberland, WV
304. 564. 3311

Hardy County Clerk
Moorefield, WV
304. 538. 2929

Harrison County Clerk
Clarksburg, WV
304. 624. 8611

Jackson County Clerk
Ripley, WV
304. 372. 2011

Jefferson County Clerk
Charles Town, WV
304. 728. 3215

Kanawha County Clerk
Charleston, WV
304. 357. 0710

Lewis County Clerk
Weston, WV
304. 269. 8215

Lincoln County Recorder
Hamlin, WV
304. 824. 3336

Logan County Clerk
Logan, WV
304. 792. 8600

Marion County Clerk
Fairmont, WV
304. 367. 5440

Marshall County Clerk
Moundsville, WV
304. 845. 1220

Mason County Clerk
Point Pleasant, WV
304. 675. 1997

McDowell County Clerk
Welch, WV

Princeton, WV
304. 487. 8339

Mineral County Clerk
Keyser, WV
304. 788. 3924

Mingo County Clerk
Williamson, WV
304. 235. 0330

Monongalia County Clerk
Morgantown, WV
304. 291. 7230

Monroe County Clerk
Union, WV
304. 772. 3096

Morgan County Clerk
Berkeley, WV
304. 258. 8547

Nicholas County Clerk
Summersville, WV
304. 872. 7820

Ohio County Clerk
Wheeling, WV
304. 234. 3656

Pendleton County Clerk
Franklin, WV
304. 358. 2505

Pleasants County Clerk
St Marys, WV
304. 684. 3542

Pocahontas County Clerk
Marlinton, WV
304. 799. 4549

Preston County Clerk
Kingwood, WV
304. 329. 0070

Putnam County Clerk
Winfield, WV
304. 586. 0202

Raleigh County Clerk
Beckley, WV
304. 255. 9123

Randolph County Clerk
Elkins, WV
304. 636. 0543

Ritchie County Clerk
Harrisville, WV
304. 643. 2164

Roane County Clerk
Spencer, WV
304. 927. 2860

Summers County Clerk
Hinton, WV
304. 466. 7104

Taylor County Clerk
Grafton, WV
304. 265. 1401

Tucker County Clerk
Parsons, WV
304. 478. 2414

Tyler County Clerk
Middlebourne, WV
304. 758. 2102

Upshur County Clerk
Buckhannon, WV
304. 472. 1068

Wayne County Clerk
Wayne, WV
304. 272. 6369

Webster County Clerk
Webster Springs, WV
304. 847. 2508

Wetzel County Clerk
New Martinsville, WV
304. 455. 8224

Wirt County Clerk
Elizabeth, WV
304. 275. 4271

Wood County Clerk
Parkersburg, WV
304. 424. 1850

Wyoming County Clerk
Pineville, WV
304. 732. 8000